July 02, 2006

90 Day Detentions

Way back in the mists of time there was Habeas Corpus that meant that anybody accused of a crime had to be charged and see a court as soon as possible. They could not be held without charge for more than a day. Eventually this got extended to 3 days, then under the threat of IRA terrorism and frequent bombings to 7 days. Then New Labour came on to the scene and doubled it to 14 days. Then doubled it again to 28 days having wanted to go all the way up to 90 days but where defeated on that. 90 Day Detentions are about to come back on the agenda as one of the policies to set the agenda for Gordon Brown's time as Prime Minister. Bastard. So what ever parts of the New Labour mission that lefties think he is going to drop it isn't going to be the ongoing War on Civil Liberties.


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